Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding ABAIR. If you have any further questions you can contact us here.

Is ABAIR free?

Our software can be used free of charge for the following purpuses:

  • private use
  • public enterprises in the Republic of Ireland
  • non-commercial education / teaching

If you want to use ABAIR's software for commercial purposes (e.g. apps, web pages), you have to ask for permission. You can contact us here.

Can I use ABAIR on my computer?

There is an addon for the screen reader NVDA on our web site. You can use it free of charge. Get the addon.

Is ABAIR available for Android of iOS?

Not yet, but we are currently developing an Android app, after which we will create a version for iOS.

Can I use ABAIR on my web site?

The Web Reader can be integrated into your web site by inserting one line of HTML code into each page. Regarding costs please see the question "Is ABAIR free?" above. Go to the Web Reader. uses cookies and we collect data from you when you use any of the services that are provided on this website.

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