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ABAIR Web Reader for Irish

The ABAIR Web Reader is an online service that provides Irish text-to-speech synthesis for websites.

Why use text-to-speech synthesis?

If your website is connected to the ABAIR Web Reader, users will have the option of having the content read out to them.

Why this is important

By providing text-to-speech synthesis, you make the content of your website accessible to visually impaired users. Public bodies are even required by law to do so (cf. Disability Act 2005, §26 (1)(a)).

Even users that are not visually impaired like to have content read out to them sometimes.

Easy to integrate

The ABAIR Web Reader is easy to integrate. One line of HTML code is enough:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://abair.tcd.ie/webreader/scripts/abair_tts_webui.js"></script>

The code above links a website to the ABAIR Web Reader. See also the user guide.

Free of charge

The ABAIR Web Reader is free of charge for non-commercial use. This includes commercial websites like for example online newspapers as long as the use of the ABAIR Web Reader is not subject to payment.

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